Sinan The Architect Research Center and Museum, 2010

Sinan The Architect Research Center and Museum

The strategy is create a museum and reserch center for  Sinan the architect in a high density urban fabric.


Installation – program – the construction of identity.

Being among the listed buildings, the project area contains the all urban block including the tomb of Sinan the Architect. Instead of being placed in single empty area, given program is spreaded to all empty areas among the listed buildings. Functions given in the program are classified as private, public and semi-public. These parts are interconnected through the courtyards. These additions to the historic fabric is covered by a shell which forms identity for additional buildings. Furthermore the shell provokes curiosity for buildings and courtyards inside, hiding behind the shell.

Special Mention | Museum| Research Center | Dodofis Architecture Office | Istanbul based architectural office

dodofis architects
dodofis mimarlık  2017

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