Istanbul Küçüksu Master Plan, 2010

Küçüksu Master Plan / Urban Design

Purpose: 7/24 Active

Küçüksu meadow, which is the urban design area, is one of the most important recreation area of Istanbul.

By protecting some of the existing functions, and with the addition of some appropriate functions, urban spaces  become active 7 days and 24 hours . It is the main objective of the project to provide an active and safe green space with night and day strategies.

Water / Creating a trace

In the large green area between the two streams, a longitudinal trace is formed with the terraced riverfront. The continuity is established between the green area and the functions. In addition, the fortress-bazar-the historic pier (transport) -reaction area is connected to the periphery of the region by created pedestrian axis. This water trace provides continuity of green integrity throughout the park area. It allows the pedestrians to follow this trace. The area becomes more accessible in the city with its trade and hard floors, which are formed vertically and articulate the area. At one end of the vertical links there are trade, amphitheater, activity square. While at the other there are sports fields and outdoor fitness areas are placed.

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