Kadıköy Housing Project, 2017

dodofis mimarlık ofisi istanbul kentsel dönüşüm Kadıköy Konut Projesi Kadıköy housing projectdodofis mimarlık ofisi istanbul kentsel dönüşüm kadıköy cephe görsel Kadıköy housing projectdodofis mimarlık ofisi istanbul kentsel dönüşüm kadıköy havuz Kadıköy housing project

Urban Transformation – Kadıköy Housing Project

The Kadıköy housing project, designed by the Dodofis Architectural Office, is located in Kadıköy region, which is one of the important transformation areas of Istanbul. Urban transformation is redesigned to be compatible with the renewed apartment block surroundings. The structure pillars are separated by frame modules, reducing the effect of building height.

Differences in the facade have been achieved with balconies, bouncing and internal balconies arranged in front of different places. The building façade has been converted into wider garden and landscaping areas. Garden duplexes have been obtained by increasing the depth of emergence in the lower levels. This texture has been transformed into the entrance lobby of the landscape,  the skylights of restaurants and other social areas and landscaping pools. Ensuring language integrity throughout the project.

The different quarters of the housing units are privatized in terms of their experience and functions. Different facade units were created. The structure is designed as a dynamic compound of these different experiences.

The project is designed to be a reference building in the region in terms of both design and material selection.

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