Dodofis is an architectural design studio established by Ms arch Fırat Doğan, Ms arch Burcu Kırcan Doğan in 2012 | Architecture Office Based in Istanbul

Dodofis Architecture Office operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism and research.

We aim to create designs respectful its environment, social and urban fabric, considering local, regional and global context, creating societal value beyond typologies.

Through our extensive experience with complex projects, we think all design process needs to be investigated. So we develope a method for projects with other professions based on our experiences. 

Dodofis Architects | Architecture Office – Architecture – interior design – urban design | Dodofis Architecture Office based in Istanbul 
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Fırat Doğan

Fırat Doğan Graduated İstanbul Technical University 2010 with high honor. Earned scholarschip for master design programme at İstanbul Bilgi University. Through his education he participated various national and international competitions and workshops. He studied as senior designer and project manager at various sizes and types of projects including public buildings, stadiums, social and cultural centers. He continues his studies at Dodofis as a partner. Currently he lectures at Maltepe University and Esenyurt University.

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Burcu Kırcan Doğan

Burcu Kırcan Doğan Graduated Middle East Technical university 2011. Earned scholarschip for master design programme at İstanbul Bilgi University. She worked at leading architectural offices as design team member including various phases of different projects. She has particapeted various competitions through her education and profesional life. She continues her studies at Dodofis as a partner. Currently she lectures at Maltepe University.

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dodofis mimarlık
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