Torbalı Municipality Building and Public Square

Torbalı Municipality Building and Public Square

Dodofis has desined the Torbalı Municipality Building and Public Square.

 Torbalı, which was a small town until the 1900s, has traces of many civilizations in its historical background. With the country’s first railway line passing through the region in 1860, the region’s accessibility increased. The first steps of its development and growth were taken when Abdulhamid bought farms in the region. Then urban structures such as mosques, schools and water networks had done. The extraordinary increase of industrialization in the region since the 1990s has transformed Torbalı into an important industrial center throughout the country. Furthermore this transformation has led to a rapid change in the population, thus daily life, urban construction and needs. This speed of transformation makes it difficult for the citizens to adapt to the process, causes problems in urban functioning and causes trauma in collective memory. Therefore, the aim of this study is to protect/renew current or lost values with references from urban memory and to propose solutions to traumas experienced in urban functioning, while addressing programmatic needs. While the east side of the railway contains the city center and commercial areas/market streets, there are open areas such as public buildings, stadium and woods concentrated on the west side. The region that is the subject of the competition includes sub-focuses such as the municipality building, marketplace, social facilities, town square and its immediate surroundings, such as headman’s office and mosque, and these centers are scattered on both sides of the railway.

 Municipality Service Building and City Square Project aims to connect the two sides of the railway with a spine that structures all proposed functions. Thanks to the strong image and the functions added to the program feed each other and the project area, it is to speak, the “backbone” forms an interlocking system. The designed colonnade acts as a canopy for the pedestrian promenade and a bridge connecting the entire area, while at the same time transforming into a semi-permeable perimeter that defines the town square.

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