Landscape Pier / Culture and Social Event House, 2013

Landscape Pier / Culture and Social Event House

After 1950’s Istanbul’s recreation areas depleted rapidly because of migration. As a result of this a lack of social reinforcement has occured. To solve this issue, government filled the sea, almost all south coast of istanbul, to create social facilities and parks. This filling process led to the deterioration of the natural coastal belt that formed by a natural physical processes. Also this leads to the detoration of relations between city and sea. Sea become only a view for urban dwellers. Due to the being out of context, this filled areas are not used by urban dwellers. Landscape Pier aims to re-establish these relations between city and sea that cut off by these filled areas. It is not done by creating an image for coasts, it is done by providing surfaces for typical urban activities which occur.

Landscape | Social Event House | Culture House | Dodofis Architecture Office | Istanbul based architectural office

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