Taksim Urban Design

Taksim Urban Design

Urban Documentation / Taksim Square Urban Design Competition

 A method for superposition of social and cultural layers of taksim

Juxtaposition of social and cultural layers; the project aims to identify the areas with functions or parts which were determined in their own fragment (or time). these lost traces can be found in collective memory both socially and imaginatively. with their disappearance these leftover spaces became unstable (constantly changing) in the subsequent fragments.

base grid for articulation

A grid is created to define the area and regulate these layers of taksim. within the created grid, the trace of the demolished artillery barracks is raised as a green structure.this structural reconstruction of barracks offers a green and flexible usage area, and spreads greenery and publicity to upper levels. the public functions and the like prescribed by Prost are injected to frame to increase the public use of the area and the park.


Taksim Urban Design

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dodofis mimarlık  2017