Çanakkale War Research Center and Museum, 2015

Architectural Concept

The Çanakkale Wars Research Center and Museum is located in the park, in the south west of Çanakkale, opposite the destroyed brandy factory. The promenade formed from the coast to the park forms a physical connection between The Dardanelles  where the historical event is experienced and the park where the building is located.

The structure is divided into different masses according to the different functions in such a way that the circulation will process the ground floor. These building masses are shaped by two inputs, both the aerodynamic boundaries and the different spaces that the place needs.

The inner courtyards, which enter into the masses, maintain their continuity in the green structure outside. These courtyards provide both indoor and outdoor continuity as well as maximum natural light and air intake to the places.

Program Mechanism

The conference hall, meeting rooms, exhibitions and cafes are arranged in such a way that they can work independent of other functions in the west of the building, while the office, workshop, laboratory, archives and technical spaces constituting the research center are located to the east of the building.

This social area created is linked to the shore ahead of the promenade by the activity plaza in front of it.

The conference hall differs from other masses both as mass and material. The conference mass turns into an image that points to the publicity that has been created on the field.

The gallery built in front of the hall is directly connected to the plaza by the foyer with 4.50 meter ceiling height. The exhibition area and the café are located on the plaza facade. It is a prediction that activities in these areas will continue to the plaza. This area is organized in such a way as to be a research center. As well as to host other activities and organizations of the city and to create public and semi-public spaces. At this point, the open space and the square are integrated with the park.

While the private areas created by the hunters constitute the open areas within the research center; The plaza, organized in front of the foyer, forms the public and urban face of the building. In this way, the building located in the park integrates with the public and semi public spaces and the park. It becomes an important attraction center with the shopping center and the coastal park nearby.

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