İzmir Bus Terminal (Main Transfer Center)

Bus Terminal (Main Transfer Center)

Dodofis architecture Office, awarded design for İzmir Bus Terminal (Main Transfer Center) architectural design competition.

Big Portions of the City 

“The massive uses in cities have a common feature. These uses create borders, and borders often lead to destructive neighborhoods in cities.” Jacobs, J.

Bus station structures steal big bites from the city due to their spatial needs and are cut off from its surroundings by excessive vehicle circulation due to their functioning. İzmir Bus Terminal project area is where the city (housing/trade) has come to an end and industrial functions have begun to be seen. It is located at an intersection that can be defined as the city’s periphery. The area is located at a critical point where zones that differ not only functionally but also in terms of architectural scale and urban fabric, meet and come together. In the modern and post-modern period, while the peripheries of big cities are surrounded by infrastructure projects such as bus stations, airports, highways, and real estate projects such as large estates and indoor shopping centers; The architectural and urban sensitivities shown in the inner city are not shown on the pieces of land on the periphery of the city, where the city meets the countryside. The city, on the other hand, is separated from the surrounding countryside both physically and visually.

İzmir Bus Terminal (Main Transfer Center)

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