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Material Library for building catalog 1st price award

Material Library is designed to be a modular and demontable structure that creates a strong connection between manufacturers- experts and students.

As a word cata-log, it refers to a concept that includes stacking / sorting and arranging. Spatialization of stacking and classification turns into a whole that shapes the operation of the building, building tectonics and temporal cycles, starting from the unit that started this stacking and classification process. These stacking units, which form the keystone of the design, form the structure of the building by dividing it into three vaults with a flexible area in the middle and constant uses on both sides, by incorporating the masonry stacking wall, which ensures the articulation of the building just like brick and stone, and afterwards – the usage surfaces and furnishing.

location decision and mobilization The proposed project has been designed in a demountable way so that it can reach both students and the public. It can be located close to pedestrian axes and assembly areas on university campuses. It can also be adapted to fairgrounds. Due to both its price performance and its recyclability, wooden modules can be replaced when worn and allow mobilization

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