Uşak Municipality Building, 2013

Uşak Municipality Building

The municipality Building site is located on the land next to the Dokuz Sele Stream that divides the city of Uşak. The construction site is located in a valuable green area. So design approach is shaped by this green areas and Dokus Sele stream near the green area.

Schema of Municipality

Building is shaped around an internal street parallel to this stream. Whereby, an inner life is created independent from region’s harsh climate. This inner street is connected to the stream with wooden decks. The common spaces are located next to these decks. The main entrance places at the center of this inner street. One side of the street contains adminisration offices and the other side of the street contains public services with wide waiting areas and courtyards. Through the visual relationships established between stream and inner street, visitors awakened a feeling of spaciousness.

Office Building | Municipality Building | Competition Entry | Dodofis Architecture Office | Istanbul based architectural office


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